Light & Fun Palate Cleanser Books

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Need a light book after a heavy read? The young adult fiction genre is filled with awesome options for a little refreshing read when your last book left you feeling down.

The photo collage shows palate cleansing book covers.

Was your last book too dark? Feeling the need for something more whimsical and light?

When I’ve just read a string of books that leave me feeling heavy-hearted and dreary, I turn to palate cleansing books from the YA genre.

That’s not to say that YA books don’t have depth or sad plot lines, but if you pick just the right ones they can be a refreshing change of pace after a deep WWII novel for example. Yes, I’m looking at you Beneath a Scarlet Sky.

I keep a running list of books on my Amazon Wishlist and in my Kindle To Read folder. I snap up the deals as I find them and put them in my queue.

Its a great way to always have something light and refreshing ready to go when I need it!

Young Adult Palette Cleanser Books

The photo collage shows palate cleansing book covers.

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