12 Irish Books About Love and Luck

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Looking for a fun Irish book to read with your book club for St. Patrick’s Day? Or maybe you’re planning a trip to Ireland and just want to get inspired before you go. From romances to historical fiction, you’ll find a lucky pick here.

A collage of four Irish books for St. Patrick's Day to read for your book club group. From Historical fiction to romance, fun options for adults.

There’s something magical about Ireland and all its legends, and Irish books about love and luck capture that feeling perfectly. How many of these have you read before?

We’ve probably all heard about Frank McCort’s Angela’s Ashes, which is a gritty look at the reality of growing up poor in a challenging time in Ireland’s history, but there’s so much more to the emerald green isle than just that.

Irish books are as varied as the island itself.

This list includes:

  • Books set in Ireland
  • Irish or Irish-American characters
  • A few fun YA books about luck to mix things up

Find your favorite light read, mystery, historical fiction, or memoir. They’re all here to fit whatever mood you and your book club friends are in.

Luck? Love? It’s your choice.

Irish Books About Love and Luck

P.S. Looking for good reads before you travel to Ireland? This list of non-fiction books on Ireland has excellent options for both adults and kids.

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Collage of four books Irish Eyes, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Library at the Edge of the World, and Love and Luck with text The Best Irish Books, Irish Books about luck and love.

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