Best Book Club Picks 2023

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Looking for the best book club picks for 2023? We’ve been picking the perfect book club books for the last 8 years! Join us as we work our way through entertaining books that will help you relax and make more time for yourself in the coming year.

A stack of the best books for book club in 2023

Would you like to read more FUN books in the new year than you have in ages?

The Peanut Blossom Book Club for Recovering Readers has been encouraging busy women to make the time to read for over 8 years!

If reading used to be your passion but somewhere along the path of adulthood life got in the way, you’re in the right place.

We are a group of 9,000+ amazing members who love to chat about books on Facebook and we want you to join us.

How Do I Pick the Books?

  • Our group only reads FUN, light-hearted books.
  • We avoid tear jerkers. 
  • We don’t take our book picks too seriously, we believe reading is for pleasure.
  • We read a wide variety of genres throughout the year: romance, historical fiction, magical realism, young adult, and mystery all make the rotation year after year.
  • We look for a variety of voices in both authors and characters.

How To Join Our Book Club

1. Follow along on Facebook:

Every month, I post monthly discussion threads for each book inside our private Facebook book club. Join us here.

You’ll discover our group is filled with kind, upbeat people who just love to share their new favorite reads.

We talk about all books, not just the official monthly picks. It’s a great place to get new recommendations all year long.

2. Sign up for email updates:

Nothing is worse than having an exciting announcement and knowing that social media algorithms will filter and prevent me from getting the news to you. I don’t want Facebook deciding what you see and what you don’t.

When you sign up for my email newsletter, I will send you all the reminders you need for our book list all year long. I’ve got lots of goodies planned for 2022, you won’t want to miss out.


Now that you’re in the club, just grab the next book in the list that calls your attention and get reading!

Best Book Club Books 2023

Here we go! This is the moment we've all been waiting for. . .

I'm thrilled to announce the complete line-up of book club picks for 2023.

I can't wait to read these with you in the coming year.

Other Optional Picks

The annual December “reader’s choice” month has been a tradition since the book club started. I believe it is important to give you space to choose something just for yourself. We always celebrate together with our popular Pay it Forward Book Exchange on Facebook, too.

If you don’t want to read the December pick from my list, here are some alternative ideas to inspire you:

3×3 Reading Challenge

Looking to get even more out of this year’s reading? You could take any one of our new books and use them for the start to a 3×3 reading challenge.

Books We’ve Read Other Years

Love this list? Want to dig in on our backlist? Here’s a fun sample or recent years:

A stack of book club books.

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  1. I’m always looking for books to read but struggle to make time for reading. I used you be an avid reader when I was young 😳

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