How to Waterproof Books for Summer Reading

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Learn how to waterproof books for adult summer reading by the pool, in a hot tub, at the beach, by the lake, or in your own bath tub at home.

A woman reads her book at the edge of a big blue pool.

Summertime or a beachy vacation are two of my very favorite times to relax and enjoy a great beach read.

I took my book into my pool bag every single time I take the kids to the pool and when the heat rises, you’ll find me soaking in the shallow end with a great read.

After one too many waterlogged books, it was time to find a better solution to reading by the pool.

I use several of these waterproof book solutions every day to help me enjoy reading through my book lists. I hope they help you to enjoy a great read, too!

How to Waterproof Books to Read at the Pool

Books to Read By the Pool

These fun beach reads are great for enjoying by the pool, in a hot tub, at the beach, in a bath at home, or any place you want to chill and relax this summer.

A woman sits by the pool reading a book.

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