The House in the Cerulean Sea Book Club Kit

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The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune is the official April 2021 pick for the Peanut Blossom Book Club for Recovering Readers.

A copy of the book is on the table.

I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but every time this month’s book pick popped up during my Amazon searches I stopped in my tracks. Super colorful and oh so whimsical, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

When I read the description that said: “1984 meets The Umbrella Academy with a pinch of Douglas Adams thrown in.” I was even more intrigued.

While our book club has had a magical realism book in each year of our reading, I don’t believe we’ve explored a book that truly fits in the Fantasy genre.

The overwhelmingly high reviews from both Amazon and real world friends cinched the deal.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this month’s pick!

Peanut Blossom Book Club

This book club pick is one of the awesome books from our seventh year of book club.

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    What Is The House in the Cerulean Sea About?

    “Linus Baker is a by-the-book case worker in the Department in Charge of Magical Youth. He’s tasked with determining whether six dangerous magical children are likely to bring about the end of the world.

    Arthur Parnassus is the master of the orphanage. He would do anything to keep the children safe, even if it means the world will burn. And his secrets will come to light.

    The House in the Cerulean Sea is an enchanting love story, masterfully told, about the profound experience of discovering an unlikely family in an unexpected place—and realizing that family is yours.”

    Get your copy of the book here.

    The House in the Cerulean Sea Discussion Questions

    I believe the best book club questions to spark a lively discussion in your group help readers make personal connections to the story.

    You can read about how to write the best book club questions on your own here, but hopefully these will get you started!

    Question 1:

    All of the children were unique in their own way. Did you have a favorite character amongst the orphans? 

    Question 2:

    If you could have any magical power, what would it be? 

    Question 3:

    The characters all have different fears they have to face. How do you deal with your own fears? 

    Question 4:

    Do you have your own “found family” of individuals outside your nuclear family? 

    Question 5:

    Have you ever felt trapped in a job or life choice like Linus does in the beginning?

    Question 6:

    Are you a rule breaker or a rule follower? How would you answer that for Linus?

    Question 7:

    What would you have changed about this story if you were writing it?

    Book Club Party Menu

    “Wish You Were Here!”

    Since a very large portion of the book’s story takes place on an island, book club party recipes are easy to match for The House in the Cerulean Sea.

    Try the piña colada fruit dip served with fresh fruit and ginger cookies or go savory with pineapple salsa served with salty chips for dipping.

    Cut the crab melts into squares for easy nibbles.

    Don’t miss the homemade cherry ice cream that “tastes like childhood” for your final treat.


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