Book Club Books Turned Into Action Movies

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Plan a fun action movie night by choosing one of these exciting book club books that have been made into movies. You could plan to watch the movie together as a book club or watch the movie independently and get together with friends to chat about which one was better. Hint: We know it’s always going to be the book!

A collage of book covers that have been turned into action movies.

Book club night and the reading time it requires has always been my one solid “me time” strategy.

As much as I love chatting about a good book with friends, sometimes it is fun to get together to watch a movie and just relax, too.

Pop the popcorn, watch the movie, and have a blast complaining about all the ways the book did it better!

Exciting Book Club Books Made Into Action Movies

These fun sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery book club picks have been turned into action movies that would make for a fun book club movie night.

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