Book Bingo for Adults 2024

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This book bingo for adults will challenge you to read outside your comfort zone and find your next favorite book.

A bingo card next to a stack of books.

Are you resolving to read more books in the new year?

When I want to push myself to read more books, I adore the motivation I get from participating in the annual GoodReads book challenge.

This year I vowed to read 30 books and every time I finish one on my Kindle, it automatically marks it as another one read towards my goal.

I’m finishing the year strong with 38 books down thanks to the great mini habits for reading I’ve developed.

While I find the GoodReads challenge to be extremely motivating, it doesn’t guide you in making book choices to meet your goal. Sometimes it is nice to have that extra bit of inspiration!

The Peanut Blossom Book Club for Recovering Readers always has a great variety of monthly book picks that are lighthearted and fun.

I know our members are always picking up things in-between our monthly official reads.

I created this custom Book Bingo for adults who want to have a little more fun with their reading in the new year:

A preview of the book club bingo card.

These simple little book bingo challenges will encourage you to find new titles you may not have considered before.

And since NOTHING is quite as satisfying as being able to physically check off a to-do, I created this as a FREE printable for you:

You can grab your FREE Book Bingo card right here.

Reading Challenge Alternative

Looking to get more out of your reading? If the Book Bingo card isn’t what you were looking for, perhaps my 3×3 Reading Challenge is more your speed.

Next Steps

Join the Peanut Blossom Book Club and pick up our latest book!


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